Season 2 Episode 3: Managing Change: The Fast Track to the Future with Esker Senior Engagement Manager

Often times, when it comes to digitally transforming business processes, the focus is heavily put on the technical implementation of a solution, whether it’s a software solution, HR solution or really anything that disrupts the status quo. A lot of time and energy is typically dedicated to the nuts and bolts of the physical implementation of a technology rather than the actual change process and the downstream effects it has on the psyche and work quality of employees. But without a change management strategy that addresses new challenges and changing roles resulting from digital transformation, the chances of running into new inefficiencies is much greater.

Even if it’s for the better, change is hard. Especially when you’re dealing with change among people that have been doing things the same way for a long time. Even if you have a powerful business solution, it can’t do much for your organisation if your staff is unable or even unwilling to use it. Change management is the key to creating successful organisational change that’s embraced and upheld by all key players affected by it.

In the S2 Episode 3 of Esker On Air, host Scott Leahy chats with CCMP-certified change management expert and Esker Product Owner of Partner Implementations Frank Cook about how to effectively manage organisational change, meaning: what change management is, why it’s vital to the success of any organisational change, and how you can better manage the human side of change to create a more efficient change process with minimal setbacks.

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