Season 2 Episode 2: Finding & Training Quality Sales Leaders with Raleigh Wilkins of Sales Platoon

First-time sales candidates are only available seasonally, post-graduation from colleges and universities. And unfortunately, that can make off-season hiring challenging and open headcount almost impossible to find. Raleigh Wilkins, Founder, CEO and VP of Sales at Sales Platoon, didn’t set out to solve this problem, but his past experience in the U.S. military let him to discover a vast, untapped employee resource.

Esker’s Director of Sales and Business Development Dan Reeve served 11 years in the British Army, so he sat down with Raleigh for a conversation about a few things they have in common: service, sales, and how the two can come together to create quality sales leaders.

In the S2 Episode 2 of Esker On Air, host Scott Leahy chats with Dan about discussions had with Raleigh, including topics like: how Sales Platoon is training veterans to start careers in B2B sales at companies like Esker, how to capitalise off of the unrecognised value of nontraditional candidates, and the key skills Sales Platoon is teaching to create top-quality sales leaders. 

No time to listen? Check out this blog post for more details and takeaways from Dan’s chat with Raleigh.