Season 2 Episode 1: An Esker Company Update with CEO Jean-Michel Berard

Esker recently went through the process of reassessing what we offer our customers and what makes us unique. The world has changed quite a bit recently, and so has Esker. We’ve been evolving alongside the ever-changing business landscape to offer more value to our customers and adapt to new needs. So, we wanted to dedicate the first episode of our new season of Esker On Air to clarifying exactly what it is we do. In reassessing our company, we wanted to identify the value we bring to our customers and make sure it aligns with our core values, and ultimately find a way to clearly share that message with others.

In the Season 2 premiere of Esker On Air, host Scott Leahy talks with Esker CEO and founder, Jean-Michel Berard, about what Esker does, how we serve our customers and what our mission and core values are. You’ll also hear Jean-Michel’s answers to important questions about:

  • The biggest challenges facing the industry right now and what challenges to expect in the future
  • The meaning of “positive-sum growth” and “business ecosystem solidarity”, and how Esker helps to achieve them
  • How we’ve helped customers bolster their business continuity strategies and easily transition to remote work
  • The defining characteristics of Esker’s platform and what sets it apart from competitors

Listen to the latest episode here and keep an eye out for future episodes!