Smart Working: Stay connected wherever you are

A laptop, a smartphone and a connection: today these three things are enough to be able to work and be connected to your company even if you are not physically in the office. This approach to work has already become part of the mentality of many freelancers who are used to moving and carrying out their profession even when travelling, at home or while having a coffee at the bar.

Thanks to new technologies, today even the “employees” have the opportunity to work comfortably from home efficiently without disruption: due to the epidemic from Covid-19, many companies had to close their doors, governments are setting guidelines to work from home to reduce risks. In order not to completely lose operations and production processes, at this point in time, having the flexibility of working anywhere is necessary in order to keep up.

Our “speech bubble”.

Esker has been on the market since 1985 and immediately focused on a specific objective: to eliminate paper, post-its and paper diaries from desks, digitising business processes and putting everything in a big cloud-based platform. Esker’s strength lies in being a pioneer in Cloud Computing by offering customers Cloud-Based solutions that could increase the efficiency, flexibility and visibility of all business processes.

The cloud that always follows you

The concept is simple: all our solutions and programs are based on the Cloud system that allows you to access company data wherever you are. Leave behind the old and heavy ring binders, paper archives and stacks of paper on the desks and imagine a more flexible, simple, fast and instant approach to work.

To make remote work even more comfortable, we have designed simple and user-friendly dashboards with attractive and clean graphics which allows you to move around the company documentation with ease.
All Esker customers, therefore, have the opportunity to work and connect to their information without being physically present at a specific place and time: the Cloud solution is well suited to all professionals who move and travel daily for work, to professionals external to companies that have the possibility to work from home or from other positions and in general to all the collaborators of a company.

Our cloud-based Customers

To date, Esker has more than 6000 customers worldwide that mainly belong to the Luxury Retail, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Life Science, Chemistry and Manufacturing sectors. All the software on which these customers are using is the Cloud platforms which help them be ready and being able to fall back at such situation today.

Esker Anywhere ™ – A mobile application that allows you to work anywhere

 Esker Anywhere ™ offers managers the possibility to review, approve and reject purchase requests and supplier invoices even while they are out of the office just with a connection and mobile. The application, available for free 24/7 for Apple® or Android ™ devices, helps companies further accelerate the cycle of reviewing and approving billing and managing purchase requests and improving cycle efficiency passive.

In summary: you can approve your invoices even when you are sipping your Kopi Kosong at home. Comfortable, right?

Smart Working for Esker employees too

The emergency situation we are experiencing has forced us to work from home and to limit travel when possible, avoiding the crowd and offices. We worked from home and stay connected with Esker platform – being able to access all the documentation without any problem, we organised calls and where necessary video calls are made. All this with extreme simplicity: yes, it can be done.

The Cloud platform to optimise your Cash Conversion Cycle: