Introducing Jenni: Pre-Sales Consultant

Can you tell me a little about yourself?
Bonjour!👋 My name is Jenni, and I am with Esker for 10 months now. I am a tech enthusiast and i am amazed by how technology can help people so extensively in their daily routine. During my free time, I exercise to keep myself healthy from all virus! Travelling with family and friends to collect beautiful memories is also my part-time hobby.

What is your role in Esker?
My role in Esker is a Senior Presales Consultant.  The key role of Presales Consultant is to demonstrate and understand the challenges of our prospects, then guide them on how Esker’s AI-driven solution can solve their day to day challenges.  

What is your average day like in Esker?
9am – First, Coffee and meet with the sales team to review the prospect appointments we have for the day.
10am– Meet to follow up with a current prospect (2nd phase) of the day to demonstrate our solutions based on requirements gathered previously.
12pm– Quick lunch, Bian Mian is my favourite.
130pm-Meet with a new potential prospect to understand their day-to-day challenges, internal workflow and their requirements. In addition, advise on what kind of solution Esker will be able to help them.
3pm– Taking the information provided in the meeting earlier, together with the sales team, prepare a proposal for the new prospect.
430pm– Conference call with our corporate PS/PM/R&D to discuss and feedback on customer requirements.
530pm– Get ready for tomorrow’s meeting with the relevant requirements before I wrap up for the day.

What do you like best about working in Esker? 
Working in Esker allows me to express my creativity, the team is very open with sharing of ideas on what Esker can offer or do more. Our R&D team is always working on improvements & gathering people’s feedback is the key for them.

Although our Headquarter is very far away from me, Esker internally organises constant calls to share new features and update us with the latest and the greatest of our solution.

I always believe in teamwork, and at Esker, we have an energetic, fun and hardworking team. I am proud to be an Eskerian.