Esker Asia Impact Awards 2020

At Esker, our customers inspire us every day – to work smarter and always take a step further in helping them reach success. The Esker Impact Awards recognize and highlight customers and users who have achieved remarkable results with Esker’s technology and have gone the extra mile in transforming their business with automation.

On 20th November 2020, Esker Asia held a virtual event – impact awards for our Asia customers, recognising them for achieving outstanding results with our solution. Below are the winners as well as what they have achieved with Esker:

Best Results: This award is meant to reward our customers who have had the best results since implementing our solution: highest productivity gains, most cost savings, best employee satisfaction improvements, etc.

International SOS

Solutions: Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
As a result of rolling out, international SOS has been able to receive all Provider Invoices centrally from all over the world where previously they would see these going to many of our 26 offices. Visibility of the platform has brought the reduction in turnaround times, and they have exceeded their KPIs in the months after going live.

Scholastic Asia Sdn Bhd

Solution: Accounts Payable
In the Year 2018, Scholastic Shared Service Center engaged Esker on implementation of Esker Accounts Payable On-Demand. During that time, the shared service Accounts Payable team manually processed invoices directly in their ERP, and a workflow has been set up within the ERP to approve the invoice. After the implementation, their Invoice, purchase order, item receipt matching, Invoice approval matrix, images stored are all processed in Esker. As the PO information was created in the ERP, we were able to achieve auto-posting with the solution. Supplementary Processes has also been set up for Account Receivables, General Accounting and Reporting where document scanned are able to reference with the ERP document.

– Achieved faster processing time and increased efficiency after eliminating manual data entry
– Convenient approval processes are in place thanks to the mobile invoice approval application Esker Anywhere
– Enhanced visibility on important invoice information with Esker’s customisable dashboards

Biggest Champion: This category is dedicated to users who have excelled in using our solution, have exceeded their team’s or their own expectations and got a handle of Esker like real champs.

Theresa Liew, AP Team Lead – Luxasia

Solution: Procure-to-Pay
This award was nominated by Diana, Senior Finance Team Lead, Luxasia – Theresa is proactive in innovating, helping to enhance the use of the tool, suggests improvements, increase in number of documents processed in the department in luxasia.

Esker’s comprehensive solution allows Luxasia’s P2P operations to continue running smoothly and uninterrupted, from any location. ” Esker P2P Solution allows us to work as usual since we have been used to the platform, operating remotely is easy for Luxasia. Increasing productivity further and reducing costs is our long term vision, and we are happy that Esker has been supporting us with that.”


Advocate of the Year: This award is meant to recognise and reward customers that have consistently advocated for Esker, whether through our All Access hub, speaking at events, giving reviews or references, or providing referrals.

Sunway Group

Solutions: Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
Sunway have actively support Esker by participating in our speaking events and giving reviews. Sunway Group has achieved and experienced minimal disruptions during the pandemic as the automation already in place allows:

– Transiting with ease while working remotely, with all necessary digital documents in place
– Improved productivity with 50% invoice processing time improvement
– A supplier portal enables suppliers to check invoice status anytime
– 100% visibility from start to end allowing necessary actions to be taken
– Team collaboration with digital workflow and communication tools
– Minimise the search for missing invoices with all information on one platform
– Smoother audit processes with audit trails captured on the platform