Business continuity: let’s hear what Companies Have to Say About Esker

The current business climate needs more than “business as usual”. As we move towards the new normal, it is necessary now to adapt to working remotely and function as a remote workforce. Moving towards this direction also means that People, processes and technology needs to be implemented and changed to maintain efficiency as well as have good communications with not only your customers and suppliers but also internally.

In every country where Esker is present, we’re equipped with the infrastructure, solutions and support to help our customers and partners effectively manage their unique working requirements and environments.

Let’s hear what our customers and users who have gone above and beyond in transforming their business with automation got to say:

Esker has been a key enabler for our Shared Service centre teams to work from home during the lockdown. We are happy with Esker’s performance as operations went smoothly even though everyone was working remotely from home.

The good thing is Esker supports different document file formats, and this allows our customers to send documents to our SSC despite having no access to the office scanners. Our vendors were able to submit documents using their mobile phones and email them to Esker for our SSC to process. This has helped us with our business continuity.

May Furn | Director Shared Service Centre | Scholastic Asia

Esker P2P Solution allows us to work as usual since we have been used to the platform, operating remotely is easy for Luxasia. Increasing productivity further and reducing costs is our long term vision, and we are happy that Esker has been supporting us with that. Read the full case study


Esker solution has shown us that digitalisation, whether we like it or not, is necessary for situations like the pandemic. Companies should be looking at re-engineering their organisation with a ground zero mindset and Esker can be part of the support for this organisational change. We are really thankful that we are ready and able to work remotely without any much of a change needed internally during this period of time with Esker’s Accounts payable solution. Read the full case study

Chng Kiat Yew | GM Finance | Goldbell

JCDecaux Hong Kong Transport business and finance have been operating almost as per normal during the remote working period. Esker automation solution has allowed us to process, collaborate and have the full visibility of the day to day work without the need to be physically in the workplace. We were able to get our vendors to send digital documents directly to the system instead of waiting for them to provide hard copy documents, which has made things a lot easier for us. We are grateful to Esker to have helped minimise the disruption during this very special time. Read the full case study

Maxime Barbot | Finance Project Manager | JCDecaux

Before we implementing Esker, we had to process our AP invoices by hard copy and ledger. Due to COVID-19, we needed to work remotely and we are able to minimise the impact on our operation thanks to Esker. As we circulate documents without hardcopy since we implemented the accounts payable solution, our operation did not stop even in this situation. Working remotely is seamless for us. We didn’t have issues on the system performance, and employees are already comfortable to use Esker solution.”

Assistant General Manager, Finance & Accounting Dept | Electronic manufacturing company