Introducing Medea Inez: Professional Services Consultant

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Hello! 😊 I am Medea and I’ve been in Singapore for more then 10 years & I’m in love with this little sunny island & Esker! I am a tech enthusiast & memory collector. Peach ice-cream and an outdoor movie screening are things that will add a smile on my face.

What is your role in Esker?

Esker is a worldwide leader in cloud-based AI-driven process automation solutions and I am a Professional Services Consultant in Asia. PS consultants play a key role in understanding customers business needs while getting them on board with Esker.  

How is your day to day job like?

Grabbing a good cup of coffee and joining the rest of the team for a quick stand-up meeting will be the start of my every day. Below are major parts of my day to day job:

Stand up meeting

A quick 10 -20 minutes meeting with the team to synchronise, share ideas and get support from the team. At times when I have a question, I’m glad that I can discuss with the whole team. I am never alone!


Using the requirements that were gathered in the beginning, the workshop is for us to understand deeper and in details on what is the customer’s business needs are and how best to increase their KPIs by using Esker. In this session (span of a few days), we sit down with the customer to brainstorm and advise on best practises using Esker Artificial intelligence (AI) driven automation tools that will suit their organisation best. 


In Esker, we believe that fostering business agility is the key success of every project. Applying the Esker Agile methodology, the implementation allows customers, business partners and key stakeholders to achieve maximum value throughout every phase of solution delivery in the shortest amount of time.

At every phase of the project, I am very happy to be part of it, guiding the customers throughout, witnessing the success of what they have achieved.

What do you like best about Esker And working here?

The three factors that I like about esker is that Esker has a great company vision, culture and a wide range of solution offerings. I strongly believe P2P and O2C solution is able to help organisations in all kind of industries drive greater efficiency, accuracy, visibility and cost by a small start of quitting paper and partnering with machines.

I am also constantly working with the R&D team to feedback on the customer needs so they can look into improving the solution in every possible way. In Esker, we also have a well-planned roadmap and new feature released every month.

Last but not least, Team Esker is an energetic, fun and crazy group of humans! Cliché as it sounds, I’m proud to be an Eskerian.