First R&D team in Esker Asia based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

R&D Team Insights

Esker’s R&D unit plays an integral role as Esker evolves to help companies solve even the most complex business problems by leveraging a foundation of innovation, technological expertise and global collaboration. Esker’s R&D team stands at 19%, comprising 181 employees, second to the highest department employee percentage, Consulting, which stands at 24%.

Esker Asia’s R&D team, located in Kuala Lumpur, is a new initiative to have an R&D team not only situated in Lyon, France. This allows Esker to gather talent from other countries, starting with Asia. Working alongside the R&D AP Team in France, the team will work on global features for the entire market, gaining experience in the most cutting-edge technologies of Esker’s solutions.

The formation of the R&D team is focused on enhancing and improving Esker’s products and services, that is currently supporting over a million users. The new team members will focus primarily on development, software quality testing and on-demand platform operations. This includes fixing bugs reported by the support team and evolving our software, stack, framework, continuous integration chain and architecture to meet the needs of our ever-growing list of clients.

Esker Asia’s R&D team will participate in the enrichment of Esker’s web apps by adding priority features presented to the schedule by the product owner. They will develop stories and features, which will be released in sprints every two weeks. This entails daily communication, regularly planning together and designing solutions according to the stories shared and prioritised by the product owner.

Meet The Team

We are happy to announce and welcome the two new Esker Asia R&D team members, Yong YawEng and Tai Yik Hui.

Yaw Eng has been with Esker Asia since 2014, first as a Professional Services Consultant and later as a Customer Experience Manager. Equipped with the experience garnered from the two past positions, Yaw Eng possesses vast on-ground knowledge. Yaw Eng has done an incredible job in the CX team in the last two years and in his prior role in the PS team, assisting in engaging end-users and improving usage optimisation and customer experience. This comprised customer-centric focus aspects on the front end, where he acted as the customer’s primary point of contact and engaged with them proactively after solution implementation/Go-Live. On the other hand, some of his areas of responsibility were consultation and post-sales on the back end. He was responsible for implementing a suite of software and SaaS solutions, customer assessment, project scoping, and configuration. He will bring along the knowledge and experience to ensure Esker products evolve and remain innovative.

Our new hire Yik Hui joined Esker Asia as a Full Stack Software Engineer in September 2022. She was previously a Professional Services Consultant, working as a new joiner up to a technical lead within five years in her previous company. Her last project was the implementation of Contactless Cash Withdrawal at Self-Service Terminals using a QR code. Yik Hui’s experience and passion for innovative projects that bring paradigm shifts will further contribute to the R&D team’s progress alongside Yaw Eng’s extensive experience. Fun fact, Yik Hui is fluent in French; she had the opportunity to further her studies in France and graduated with a Diplôme d’Ingénieur from ENSIMAG.

Esker Asia R&D Team Goals

  • Build capacity: Having the R&D capability based in Asia
  • Grow the team: The team in Asia has much potential growth to further enhance the overall R&D AP team
  • The team aims to be up to speed with the knowledge and expertise of our fellow teammates in France.

Welcome, Yik Hui and Yaw Eng, to Esker Asia’s first R&D team!