Uniting The Order and Cash Sides Of Your Business In One Interface

Let’s face it, today’s order to cash professionals have never had more responsibility or a bigger impact on the financial health of their company. So when inefficiencies like data entry, lack of visibility and limited collaboration stand in the way of success order to cash, professionals are left wondering. There has to be a faster, smarter, easier way, right? 

Eskers automation platform spans the entire o2c cycle, uniting the order and cash sides of your business in one easy to use interface, all while empowering the very people who make it possible. 

Let’s see how it works. 

1.Credit Management

Specifically designed to minimise your customers credit risk and optimise your ability to secure revenue. From eskers convenient solution. Esker’s automated Credit Management solution optimises the entire credit approval and risk monitoring process, empowering credit teams with actionable data to make the best credit decisions possible. By transforming credit management into a more secure and efficient process, revenue is secured and customers are prevented from slipping through the cracks. 

2.Order Management

Eskers order management automation solution makes it quick and easy for CSR to turn incoming purchase orders into sales orders by addressing the most manual areas of order taking no matter how your orders arrive, the extracted data is categorised and presented in a customizable dashboard giving CSR a clear snapshot of their daily tasks and priorities. Access to interactive graphs to drill down into key order data.  And a convenient listview of orders awaiting validation.

3.Invoice Delivery

Every eskers invoice delivery solution automates the delivery and archiving of customer invoices. Doing so in full compliance with full visibility into invoice status and in full accordance with your customers. Delivery preferences with esker quality and security are what it’s all about. Not only does the solution support companies operating under the most stringent invoicing regulations, it gives invoicing clerks. 

4.Collections Management

Eskers collections management solution combines process automation and CRM properties to automatically send out Dunning letters and payment reminders when customer invoices are close to due due or pass due while giving a are teams that digital tools needed to work smarter. Directly from the interface, collector can perform any number of strategic activities. To streamline the collections process. This includes quickly and easily answering invoice related questions in the customer messages section and viewing categorised invoices via an interactive ageing graph. 

5.Cash Application

With eskers automated cash application solution, companies can quickly and accurately allocate payments to their appropriate invoices without time-consuming manual tasks getting in the way. Cash shop specialists get instant and easy access to all of the payments data and related documents in one centralised. Patient all aided by machine learning, which even helps the solution match incoming payments to open invoices. Along with two and three way matching to automatically allocate all payments and discounts to the right customer account, invoices or general Ledger.