The Importance of Digital Transformation

COVID-19 fueled the digital transformation movement throughout 2020. Now in 2021, with an end in sight to social distancing, masks, and working from home, organisations are reevaluating their business processes. Companies are finding that their employees can produce the same if not better work, from home. The possibility of working from home instead of the office is something many organisations are considering. For this to be possible, organisations need to reevaluate their business processes.

The Need for Automation is Now

The way we do business needs to evolve, with the uncertainty of recent events, businesses need to be prepared to make changes on a moment’s notices. “Business as usual” isn’t going to cut it anymore.

You might not be changing, but your competition is.

We’re living in the “Digital Age,” there’s a good chance your competition has already begun their process of digital transformation. They’re becoming more agile, efficient, and taking their customer and employee experience to new heights. Let manual processes stay in the past, not you.

Save time and money.

Paper-based manual processes cost time and money. Locating files in cabinets, tracking down lost files, stuffing and mailing envelopes use up an employee’s valuable time. All this takes away from what’s really important, having meaningful customer interactions.

Your customers and suppliers are demanding it.

What’s stopping a customer or supplier from not doing business with you? Nothing. If you’re not fulfilling their needs, why should they stay? If your competitors are making the necessary changes to digitise their back-office functions, and using their time to have meaningful customer interactions, you know exactly where your customers will go.

Your employees want change too.

The newer generations are looking for a more meaningful job experience. Companies offering jobs with low-value tasks like data entry will be hard to fill. Having automated workflows and digitised processes gives staff a chance to focus more on business-critical, consumer-facing activities that will add value and keep your employees happy.

Your business depends on it.

The uncertainties this past year have brought are forcing businesses to make changes. They are recognising the need for tools that offer flexibility for their employees and preparing for other disruptions. Taking action now can keep unexpected challenges from being stressful.

Give your employees, customers, and suppliers what they want and need. It’s important to adapt to the changing times, technology exists to make lives easier. Not utilising these technologies won’t put you ahead of your competitors but instead make you irrelevant to your consumers. Start the transformation today.

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-Written by, Hannah Hoffmann