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BULGARIAThe National Revenue Agency (NRA) and industry stakeholders are discussing the idea of introducing mandatory e-invoicing. By the end of 2021 a decision will be reached.

FRANCE – E-invoicing and e-reporting will become mandatory for all domestic French B2B transactions as of 2023. French tax authorities initiated public consultations with multiple stakeholders to help the government publish the Finance Law decree which will provide more details on e-invoicing and e-reporting mandates. Esker is taking part in the public consultations and will keep you updated with new information.

GREECE – The Greek government postponed the myDATA go-live date to July 2021.

SERBIA – E-invoicing to public administrations will become mandatory as of January 2022. The government already plans to mandate e-invoicing for all taxpayers by 2023.

SLOVAKIA – Similar to Bulgaria, the Slovakian government is working on a new clearance e-invoicing model.


INDIA – The Indian Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) lowered the threshold for mandatory e-invoicing from 100 Cr. rupees to 50 Cr. Rupees. As of 1 April 2021,e-invoicing is mandatory for taxpayers that are in scope. (Sovos)

RUSSIA – Russia is introducing a new e-invoicing system for traceability of certain goods that will come into effect on 1 July 2021. Buyers of goods that are subject to traceability must accept e-invoices. Learn more

What are the goods subject to traceability requirements in Russia?Refrigeration and freezing equipment, industrial trucks, washing and drying machines, monitors and projectors, electronic integrated circuits and elements, baby strollers and child safety seats.

SAUDI ARABIA – E-invoicing will become mandatory in Saudi Arabia as of December 2021 and will be rolled out in two phases. The General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) has published draft rules for the controls, requirements, technical specifications and procedural rules for implementing e-invoicing regulation provisions. Learn more


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