5 Simple Tips For Making Customer Service Extraordinary

Let’s get straight to the point: A company’s success begins and ends with its customers. Customers are so important to your bottom line, it’s a good idea to make sure you are doing enough to nurture that relationship. At Esker, we’re always working to help our clients achieve an improved customer experience. And after more than 30 years in the automation business, we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Plus, the norm of working remotely has been a challenge for most business out there, with Esker we can provide customer service solutions at your fingertips. Isn’t that great!

These are five simple tips that will take your business to the next level:

1. Use your customer as a resource

If you’re looking for innovative ideas to improve customer service, listen to the people who understand it the best — your customers. Studies show that, regardless of the industry, many of the most successful innovations come directly from customers. In fact, according to AIMS the International Association of Strategic Management, customers’ participation could be foreseen as a determinant of a businesses’ performance.

2. Change with the times

Accommodation for things like mobile and online support is no longer a trend, it’s an expectation. For example, 40% of consumers want even more digital interactions than what companies are providing. The times, they are a-changing’ — you need to as well. Good thing here at Esker we got you covered, Esker Anywhere™ mobile application supports the sales order process by empowering employees with mobile order placing and tracking capabilities giving them up to speed information to answer customer’s inquiries.

3. Make it personal

For the 21st century customer, the web can be an altogether confusing place to find service. Make it easy for them. Customers appreciate when solutions and/or products are tailored to their needs as to avoid all of the bad noise of a typical online search. Esker’s convenient e-commerce site allows customers to easily place and track orders, while the Esker Anywhere™ mobile application lets field sales teams and customers do the same while on the go.

4. Give your customers a head start on loyalty programs

Turns out, a simple way to increase interest in customer loyalty programs may be to provide a head start. A breakthrough consumer research study revealed that customers are twice as likely to stay with loyalty programs if the programs appear to be already underway.

5. Create consistent experience

When it comes to providing a consistent experience, 87% of customers think that brands aren’t doing enough. That’s where strong omni-channel customer engagement strategies can make a huge difference. Today, every interaction — whether it’s happening on desktop computer, mobile device or telephone — represents added value to a business.

Now, it’s time to act on the above information. Where to start? Find the right technology for your business. It should help you to deliver impactful customer service that drives repeat customers while offering flexibility to meet your evolving needs. Want to learn more about these tips and how machine-learning solutions drive Order Management excellence? Download now!