Esker named a Leader in the IDC Marketscape for Accounts Receivable!

We are thrilled to announce that Esker has been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Accounts Receivable Automation Applications for Midmarket 2020–2021 Vendor Assessment.

This is the first time that our Accounts Receivable solution has been recognised by IDC, validating our successful product and sales development strategy over the past few years, as well as our customer-focused mindset.

Esker began the AR journey with its Invoice Delivery solution, automating the delivery and archiving of customer invoices via any media (e.g., paper, e-invoices, EDI, etc.), while complying with local regulations. It quickly became clear that we needed to go further and help our customers recover the cash tied up in those invoices. This is why Esker extended its AR capabilities with a Collections Management solution and the acquisition of TermSync, to provide a collaborative tool to streamline the entire collections process and help businesses get paid faster.

More recently, Esker launched two new solutions to enrich its AR suite and address additional AR-related issues. And with cash playing such a central role for businesses today, the timing couldn’t be better. Our Credit Management solution helps customers better manage their credit risk and secure the credit approval process and sales revenue. As it wouldn’t make any sense to have an excellent credit and collections process and leave cash unapplied, our Cash Application solution accelerates customer payment allocations. With cash allocated faster and more accurately, AR teams can focus on more strategic tasks and control cash flow in real-time.

We believe that our comprehensive AR suite can help tackle any obstacles preventing cash from being collected in a timely manner, no matter where those obstacles are in the process.
And we’re not done yet!

Despite 2020’s COVID-related chaos, the continued growth of our “cash” solutions (Credit, Collections Management, and Cash Application) validates our efforts to enhance our solution suite and provide our customers with the best possible tools to navigate hard times so that they can focus on growing their business and keeping their employees happy and dedicated.

Stay tuned for our blog covering Esker being named a major player for Accounts Payable in the IDC Marketscape!

Written by- Maud Berger