E-invoicing Compliance News – January 2021

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FRANCE – France is currently in the process of making B2B e-invoicing mandatory  by 2023 and voted a new amendment providing a detailed implementation calendar. It also  decided to make VAT e-reporting mandatory. The General Directorate of Public Finance (DGFIP) submitted a detailed report listing recommendations for the implementation of the law. As of today, the government has until September 2021 to publish the Finance Law decree which will provide more details on e-invoicing and e-reporting mandates. Learn more

GREECE – The Greek government postponed the go-live date of myDATA to April 2021. Learn more

POLAND – The Polish government recently announced its goal to introduce a Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC) scheme. By the end of 2021, a centralised platform will be available for the exchange of e-invoices, but still remains optional for companies. However, it will become mandatory as of 2023. Learn more

PORTUGAL – Since January 2021, e-invoicing to public administrations is now mandatory for large businesses in Portugal. However, PDF invoices are still allowed until 31 March 2021. Official decree


CHINA – In September 2020, China started a new B2B e-invoicing pilot programme enabling select Chinese taxpayers to issue VAT special e-invoices on a voluntary basis. The government has recently extended the programme to many regions. Learn more

INDIA – Taxpayers with a threshold of 100 Cr rupees or more must implement e-invoicing as of 1 January 2021. Depending on the success of this second phase implementation, a third phase will be scheduled – probably in April 2021. Learn more

SAUDI ARABIA – The government approved its new e-invoicing regulation, which introduces new rules for the issuance and archiving of e-invoices. The mandatory usage will start as of December 2021. (Billentis)


EGYPT –  The Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA) introduced an e-invoicing platform that will become mandatory for a list of 347 companies as of February 2021. (Billentis)

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