Esker named in Forrester’s Now Tech: AP Invoice Automation report for Accounts Payable automation providers.

Taking a Trip to the Land of AP Automation with IT Research Firm Expertise

If you like travelling, you very likely had to do the groundwork of figuring out where you want to go and what to do once you’re there. So, you’ve chosen a city you want to visit, but now you need to decide on where to stay, what to eat and see? If the travel section in stores is any indication, chances are you’ll buy a book that has all the information you need to make an informed decision about all of those choices.

Choosing the perfect match for your accounts payable (AP) digital transformation is not much different: you’ll want to get information compiled by people that know the landscape and have tried out and evaluated many of the choices.

There are many options on the market, with little explanation of what to look for in a solution, how to prepare for the transition, or what the right questions are to ask the solution providers. No wonder many businesses do not even know where to start. Luckily, there’s Forrester, a leading IT research firm that has evaluated a number of accounts payable invoice automation (APIA) solution, providers.

Forrester’s recent report is recommended reading for finance and tech executives, as it provides an overview of a variety of AP automation providers on the market. The goal is to help you understand the value you should expect from automating the AP process and will help you select the best fit based on size, geographical coverage, and functionalities.

When considering potential vendors, Forrester invites you to “weigh the appropriate combination of AP invoice automation functionality, linkage to related applications that you need, and whether the vendor targets the size of your company, your geography, and your industry1.”

Esker is honored to be mentioned in the Forrester Now Tech: AP Invoice Automation, Q4 2021 report. Esker believes this recognition reflects our efforts to provide an efficient and valuable solution that enables companies to grow while engaging employees and building greater collaboration and trust with suppliers.

Our solution allows businesses to alleviate the pains of manual AP invoice processing, powered by AI-driven data capture, automated processes and streamlined workflows — helping companies save time and money while building business resilience.

Consult the Forrester website for more details about the report and contact Esker so we can learn more about your needs and show you why Esker is the perfect match for your AP digital transformation.

Safe travels!

  1. Now Tech: AP Invoice Automation, Q4 2021, Forrester Research, Inc., October 4th, 2021.

-Written by, Catherine Dupuy-Holdich