MCR Safety Customer Success Story

MCR Safety Customer Success Story
Industry: Healthcare
Solution: Order Management

Benefits at a glance:
After a smooth and swift implementation of Esker’s solution, MCR Safety is reaping major benefits from its new and improved order management process. By replacing its previous automation tool with Esker, the company has been able to:

  • Improve communication with customers and internally thanks to Esker’s chat capabilities
  • Strengthen relationships with customers, as CSRs are able to dedicate more time to them
  • Maintain headcount, no longer needing to add staff to keep up with workload
  • Simplify and streamline workflows with visibility into every step
  • Accelerate order processing while reducing the amount of errors
  • Improve job satisfaction by eliminating tedious, manual data entry and freeing up time for value-added activities

“There were times when we had ideas about functions we needed, and Esker just added it to the product
rather than it being an extra customization. I think that’s a positive and shows that Esker listens to its user community and is willing to add those kinds of things.”

Tim Thomas | Vice President of Information Technology