Episode 6: Veterans Day Spotlight: Honoring Esker’s Veteran Staff

In honor of Veterans Day, we’re mixing things up this week on the podcast. In Episode 6 of Esker On Air, we take a break from our usual topics to recognise and honor on the veterans of Esker. Host Scott Leahy sits down for a conversation with four Esker staff members that have honorably served our country in the U.S. Armed Forces: Dan Reeve, Director of Sales and Business Development; Harry Zimmer, Sales Development Representative, and Matt Postlethwait and Mike Necas, Business Development Managers.

In this open-ended and insightful conversation, you’ll hear about the experiences had by of each of our veterans in the Armed Forces, what they learned from those experiences, and how they’re applying the skills gained during their time of service to their current lives and roles within Esker.

Esker is proud to have so many veterans on our team and appreciate the incredible value their personal military experiences have brought to our company. There’s no way to truly thank our veterans for everything they have sacrificed for our freedom, but we’ll try. So, thank you to all our service men and women, both past and present, for answering the call of duty and the extraordinary sacrifices you and your families have made on our behalf. Thank you for your service, and Happy Veterans Day!

Need some ideas for how to support our troops and vets this Veterans Day? Here are some quick ideas:

  1. Give back by donating. You can support veterans by donating to organisations and charities that focus on assisting our valued vets. Here’s a list of places to donate.
  2. Take time to talk to a veteran. Ask a veteran about their time in the military, and really listen to the answer.
  3. Visit a veteran memorial or gravesite. Show your respect by showing up for veterans we’ve lost.
  4. Support veteran-owned businesses. Contact your local chamber of commerce to see if they have resources for seeking them out, and check out this post to help you find veteran-owned businesses near you.
  5. Express gratitude. A simple act of kindness or expression of gratitude can show veterans how much their service means to you.