Top 3 tools Finance professionals need to work efficiently

The recent pandemic forces everyone to work, adapt and be resilient in many different ways. During this crisis, most professionals need to adapt to a whole different environment quickly, without disruptions.

Esker did a recent survey to find out what are the top 3 things finance professionals need to work efficiently. Here’s what they said:

1. Having invoices and documents electronic
During this period of remote working, reduced postal services and paper invoices/documents are not handily accessible. Taking immediate action in embracing digital transformation and going electronic is what every organisation should be considering.

Going electronic means that you are able to access all documents without being physically in the office. Additionally, moving to e-invoicing lowers your admin costs, reduces invoice delivery time and provides your customers with more time to process, approve and potentially resolve any invoice-related issues with you. Therefore, it’s the best time now to move your customers/suppliers to e-invoicing, with high adoption rate.

2. Digital Workflow Approval & Collaboration
Being not physically in the office also means that you are unable to get physical documents signed in a timely manner. Digital workflow approval is one of the top tools as it ensures that every request and approval gets the required authorisation to every invoice/document, allowing business continuity. Esker’s mobile application, Esker Anywhere™ delivers instant visibility into pending supplier invoices and purchase requisitions awaiting approval. As an AP leader, that means you can:

It’s also crucial to continue collaborating with your team, share information and resolve issues, particularly around dispute or escalation calls. Organisations with paper-based processes are struggling to focus on activities that really matter, getting information right to each other.

3. Ease of Document Retrieval
Adapting to a new way of working can be tough at the very start. Therefore, ease of retrieval of documents is one of the top voted tools. Being able to retrieve documents easily will help lessen processing time and frustration for the user.

Here’s a video of Esker’s Search bar to help you
understand how easy it is to retrieve documents from the platform.

To sum up, to be able to work with ease is essential in today’s and tomorrow’s situation. Providing your user with the correct tools and collaboration will have the result of smooth operation and visibility.