Introducing Bernard: Professional Services Intern

Can you tell me a little about yourself?
Hello world! My name is Bernard, I am with Esker for about 3 months for an internship programme. I am a computer engineering undergraduate from NTU. I like to use my technical skills to create solution to simplify things in life. During my free time, I like to play basketball and jogging to keep myself healthy💪.

What is your role in Esker?
My role in Esker is a Professional Services Intern. As an intern, I’m here to learn as much as I can from Esker. During my Internship, I help and assist the team in finding and creating new solutions to simplify the repetitive tasks for the team.

What is your average day like in Esker?
9am – Tea and biscuit with the Professional team to review agendas we have for the day.
10am – Work on researching multiple solutions.
12pm – Quick lunch, Pad Thai across the street was my favourite.
130pm – Continue to work on proposed solutions.
3pm – Share my solutions to my direct supervisor for review and changes.
430pm – A short tea break @ pantry.
530pm – Finish up the day with a conference call with our corporate Professional Services team to discuss and feedback on ideal automation process.

How was your learning journey in Esker?
Working in Esker allows me to explore different solutions creatively, my Supervisor and Professional Services team are very open to discussing the pros and cons of a proposed solution. The team, including the corporate help desk, is always there for me when I encounter technical difficulty, they will guide me throughout until it’s solved. Through these experiences, I am happy to say that I have learnt beyond classroom learning and grow through different perspectives in mind when creating a solution for the team.

What do you like best about working in Esker? 
During the Covid-19 period, we don’t get to work together in the office. Esker internally organises morning stand-up within the region to share new features and update one another on their progress. Also, we have casual calls to celebrate the birthday of our colleagues and these activities made us come together despite not physically seeing everyone. I have a lot of fun working in a talented and hardworking team. They made my Internship filled with memorable experience and joy.