Our Cool Crib: 5 fun facts about the Malaysia New office

With a worldwide presence, Esker’s offices are scattered all around the world.  Earlier this year, the Malaysia team moved to a new office space & its pretty cool! Ever thought how working in Esker in Asia will be like? Here are 5 fun facts about the Malaysia new office!

#1 We are located at Q Sentral – Yes it means central, it’s conveniently located near the train station, the heart of the business district of Kuala Lumpur.

#2 We take coffee very seriously – Being a French organisation, good coffee is essential. Some of the benefits are reducing stress, boost productivity and energy and of course, coffee is social (greater interaction with coworkers) At Esker Asia, we offer a wide range of healthy snacks and Nespresso coffee to keep everyone going!

#3 Privacy Phone booths – Due to the open concept space of the office, we knew that providing privacy is important. In this room, we are able to have private calls, calls with prospects, vendors, internally, etc. Here in the Malaysia office, we have 2 phone booths available for use.

#4 The Game Corner – adopting the concept from our HQ in Lyon, this space is a place to go to release stress, relax and bond with your team. Similarly to the US office, this game space offers a way to separate work from non-work. It gives us a breather take brief breaks which is beneficial according to this Entrepreneur article especially those that include movement and the opportunity for the body to totally disengage from the activities of work. 

#5 We are a fun bunch of professionals – From Finance, Sales to Consultants, we are a fun cool bunch of professionals! Esker’s company culture values fun, creativity, gratitude, collaboration, positivity, innovation and a healthy work-life balance.

We are expanding! if you are interested in joining us as a team, visit
https://www.esker.com.sg/company/careers/ for more information on career opportunities.