17 Things Companies Have Said About Esker’s AP Automation Solution

Many leaders in the finance industry are at an interesting crossroads. They see the traditional “back office” version of accounts payable (AP) getting left behind for a strategic, holistic business operation that’s expected to deliver greater value across the entire enterprise. Naturally, not wanting to get left behind themselves, they begin to explore alternatives that can help them expand the boundaries of AP’s core functions. Yet, there’s a lot of new technologies to sift through … a lot of vendors … a lot of uncertainty.

As part of Esker’s marketing crew, this is the moment I would normally start in on why AP automation is an ideal transformational solution and Esker the ideal vendor. Automated AP invoicing is a transformational tool and Esker is a pioneer in AP automation solutions. But this time, you don’t have to take from me. Instead, let’s take this opportunity to dig into what some companies, and the actual people with frontline experience, feel about Esker’s AP automation solution.

Here are 17 things companies have said about Esker’s Accounts Payable solution:

On Seamless ERP Integrations

To date, Esker can claim 70+ unique ERP or home-grown solution integrations. For our customers, that means our cloud platform can adjust to whatever IT environment already in place — from simple to complex. Take it away, customers …

We appreciate the fact that Esker’s solution seamlessly integrates with SAP, while remaining independent — which is not the case for all solutions on the market.” Project Manager | Fives

Esker’s solution integration with our ERP was absolutely key. We were able to reproduce in Esker the controls we had already set up in SAGE, such as verification of VAT codes, analytical accounts and calculation of due dates. As both systems spoke the same language, the risk of errors was zero.” Director of Accounting | Culligan France

Across the board, Esker delivered basically everything we were looking for in terms of automated AP functionality and seamless integration with SAP.” Accounts Payable Manager | Farmland Foods On Efficiency, Productivity & Cost Savings

It’s pretty simple: Fewer manual practices equals more productive employees equals more savings and added-revenue opportunities for the business. Here’s what some Esker customers had to say about these advantages of AP automation:

 “Esker’s solution has been extremely beneficial to the day-to-day life of our accounting teams. Responsibilities are no longer defined by tasks, but by suppliers, enabling the teams to work better together without silos.” Assistant Accounting Director | Feu Vert

“Immediately following the launch, our users were very pleased with the productivity gains and enhanced ability to estimate budgets. In just two days, we were able to catch up on 500 invoices!” VP & CEO | Jardiland

“Esker gave us everything we needed in terms of cost reduction and better document storage. We now have a single platform helping us control multiple processes.” Senior VP of Information Systems | Valdese Weavers

“Now, all we have to do is snap our fingers to find an archived invoice. And Esker’s mobile invoice application has made approvals so much easier for our managers. No one at CARSO will ever go back to how it used to be.” Accounts Payable Manager | Carso Group

On Supplier Satisfaction

Efficiency isn’t everything, of course. Often, it’s the “surface level” benefits of AP automation that pave the way for far more strategic advantages down the line (e.g., improved supplier satisfaction). Many of our customer concur:

“Our supplier relationships have improved thanks to accurate and on-time payments.” Head of Accounting | Elix Polymers

 “Our AP process has significantly improved in the past eight months since implementing Esker. Our procurement operation business no longer worries about payment delays, reduced efficiency or supplier complaints.”Purchasing Manager | Heineken China

“Esker has allowed us to streamline our document processing in AP through eliminating manual paper-based processing. We now have the ability to support our company growth with more efficient processes and help improve the way we do business with both our customers and suppliers.” Production Director | Firstan

On Visibility & Approvals

Esker’s automated AP invoicing solution comes equipped with built-in dashboards that display real-time metrics, customizable by user. How do Esker customers feel about having such a high level of visibility and control over their AP process? See for yourself …

“We now have tighter constraints on what’s being put through. Everyone is paying close attention to what they’re signing and they’re far more accountable. It’s made our managers very happy as they have visibility and control of their costs.”

Financial Controller | Property Brokers

“Before Esker’s AP solution, we had no controls in place when routing invoices for approval — some routine billings were even processed without it. Now, all expenses are routed electronically with full transparency and accountability.” Accounting Manager | Parts Town

 “Having the ability to post invoices in SAP, and see them with 100% visibility, has had a significant impact on our company’s overall success.” Director of Global MRO Purchasing | Albemarle

 “We can accrue invoices entered into Esker and see what’s been approved and what’s still pending. The visibility it has brought to AP has made approvals easier and payments faster. It’s expedited the entire process — a major time-savings tool.” Director of Business Applications | Pelican Product, Inc.

On Solution Delivery & Ongoing Support

When hiccups happen or are assistance is needed during or after solution implementation, companies need a vendor with a foundation in place to deliver what you need, when you need it. Here’s what some customers had to say about the Esker Solutions Support team:

“When we sought assistance from Esker they were always ready, willing and able to assist. They not only have superb knowledge of the Esker system but in turn how it interacts and works with Maxim’s AP process.” Worldwide AP Process Owner | Maxim Integrated

“We have been very pleased with the quick response time of Esker Solutions Support. This is critical as it means minimal interruption to our invoicing process.”

Financial Controller | Redmart

“Esker has greatly improved our daily work — invoices and information are easily accessible and well organized. We never have to worry about inquiries from within our organization, or externally, from customers or suppliers. Esker dashboards enable us to see pending invoices, monitor operations and check any outstanding invoices.″ Senior Purchase-to-Pay Administrator | Heineken China

Well, there you have it: 17 things that companies have to say about Esker’s AP automation solution. If you’re interested in learning more about how our solution works and the advantages it can bring to your business, check out the 90-second video summary below.